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4 player Top-Down survival Game set in a Cyberpunk world .

The players challenge each other in an Arena full of different power ups to help them achieve the victory. 

There is also a countdown clock and the one survivor player will be selected to be part of the gang.

The Gang boss (Yung Hassel) is building his personal army needed to survive in a world where corporations dominate everything. Yung has founded a contest, set in a special Arena called “The Crib of the Butcher” to select the best warriors in the city and the survivor will become part of "The Butcher`s Gang".

The objective is to find and destroy your opponents' life Support devices before the countdown ends.

To achieve the goal, players have to success a labyrinth where will have items that will improve their abilities:

  • GUN (as default), you can shoot your enemies and teletransport them to his initial position, and you can decrease the energy level of the Live-support devices of your enemies and destroy them.
  • RUN (gotten as power up), you can run for a limited amount of time.
  • INCREASE SUPPLY ENERGY (gotten as power up), you can increase the energy level of the Live-support device.


It's required PlayStation Controllers.

  • Joysticks - to move up, down, left and right
  • cross button - to shoot.




Synthwave 001 BY Mercurius FM


Final Game developed for The Certified of development of videogames in Unity for ARKDE : https://www.arkde.co/diplomado-unity


For Windows:

UnZip the TBG-Win.zip Archive and double click on The Butcher's Gang.exe

For Mac:

UnZip the TBG-Mac.zip Archive and double click on The Butcher's Gang


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TBG-Mac.app.zip 40 MB

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